A family run business started many years ago, around the same time as Elvis joining the Army. Alex Falk opened his first Camera shop named ‘Camera Corner’ on Pit Lake Bridge in Croydon, Surrey. Since then Alex Falk has moved only a few miles away and Croydon has never been the same since.

In the 1980’s and with a chain of nine outlets from Brighton to Colindale, the name ‘Mr Cad’ was born and over the coming 10 years as leases expired all branches except its head office, occupying 7500 sq ft in Windmill Road, the company has steadily evolved into Europe’s biggest supplier of used camera’s, attracting the professional, keen/serious amateur, schools, colleges and companies alike.

When first starting in Pit Lake Bridge – AGI – makers of Agifold and Agiflex were close neighbours in Purley Way, alas AGI was to suffer the same way as Wray, Reid and the British Motorcycle industry did. Something called a ‘Teenager’ had just been invented in 1960, when Camera Corner was born, and teenagers like Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele and dressing up as teddy boys, were not very interested in Photography. The price of £227.19.2 for a new Alpa VI was off putting, so keen amateurs could always buy an Ilford Sportsman for £24 or the Paxette 1A for £25 or for the financially strapped customers they could buy a Coronet Cadet for only 30 Shillings and 3 pence.
Cine was doing quite well at the time 9.5mm made by either Kodak or Ferrania or Pathe, obviously had a bright future, so much bigger and sharper than the Double 8 film people were using. Croydon’s first parking meters were proving a mixed blessing as some locals found it an imposition, you should see the parking now!

1965 department stores were selling the sensational non stick pan, proving that the fatless fried egg had arrived. There was also much talk about ‘Stereo’ . Leafing through enticing sales literature Alex Falk’s gaze fell upon the virtues of the Hargo Puffing Bill Anti Static Brush, it sounded exciting and at only 8/6 it had to be a money spinner. Alas Alex has not always be right – Puffing Billy never made the big time!

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s having condensed the business, Alex Falk has been concentrating on supplying goods worldwide, from Ireland to Nigeria, Australia to China, promoting the large studio lighting department he now has to the Polaroid Style instant film partnership started in 2010 with the Impossible Film Project.

The Studio lighting department has developed over many years of hard work finding the right systems for the UK market, becoming the UK agent for Multiblitz, Nice and Eagle Flash Systems together with the Aurora and Eagle Softboxes, Tristar Lighting Stands and all the accessories and backgrounds you might require.

Having run educational courses over the years and attending exhibitions within the UK and Europe, there is more to our business then just used equipment, new products also are a big percentage of our market, one of them being – FILM – both Conventional and Instant – Mr Cad we reckon is now the second largest seller of film in the UK. Alex Falk now also concentrates on the Impossible Film Project

Having being involved in the Impossible Project from the very beginning, now Polaroid Originals have taken over, we are still continuing to bring the instant films for Polaroid Type 600, SX70 and Image camera’s into the UK, as well as 10×8 and 5×4. Our forte is still selling fresh and outdated film from 35mm to 10×8 Colour, B&W, Neg or Slide – it’s a Mr Cad speciality

And so it comes to 2013 and the Mr Cad shop for over 53 years in Croydon has moved to Pimlico, London. A much smaller enviroment but still a massive treasure trove of equipment, combined with an excellent memory possessed by Alex Falk and our highly loyal staff, knowing what stock we have and where it can be found, might take us time though!!!! – is key to our business.

We are the Part Exchange specialists, with over 30,000 items to choose from, enabling customers to trade items and pay not very much to purchase newer or different items. With extensive stocks of all used analogue equipment from 35mm to 10×8 camera’s, enlargers, lenses and all that goes with them, Mr Cad is your one stop shop for analogue or digital.
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